Customised Social Media Strategy

My customised social media strategy packages aren’t just strategic recommendations + tips. Noooo way.⠀

They’re fully-customised. Dynamic. Powerfully purposed. Utterly creative. Easy to follow. And will beyond-doubt carry you through the next 6 - 12 months of your digital marketing efforts.⠀

...but it doesn’t stop there ✋ ⠀

I’m in it for the long run. You won’t catch me dropping a strategy to your inbox and leaving you to execute the rest all on your own. ⠀

For lack of a better word, I linger. I stalk. I guide. I tweak. I check in. I make sure every damn thing in that strategy is being implemented to a T, and if it’s not? I adjust. I optimise. I enhance.⠀

There is no secret recipe for social media success. It takes dedication, effort, optimisation and constant improving. I really do become your social-media-bestie.⠀


  • 30-40+ page comprehensive strategy report: making it easy for you to follow at your own pace with my virtual guidance, that will genuinely carry you through the next 12 months of your digital marketing efforts.

  • 90 minute - 2 hour Zoom Meeting: where we discuss everything within your report, and dive deep into your strategy, what you can expect to get out of it.

More than just a custom session, this is an investment in your business’ digital marketing strategy.

Pricing: $750 + GST
Payment plans are available.

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