It’s no secret that Organic Reach & Engagement on Facebook has completely plummeted over the past couple of years. And as a result, so many of us have completely abandoned our Facebook pages and Facebook marketing strategies; because the results just aren’t there.

I get it though. Why focus on something that isn’t getting you results when you could be focusing on highly engaged platforms like Instagram and Pinterest?

Well, I have the answer…

Facebook is still the-single-most-powerful social media tool available to us to-date. Simply because of scale. Numbers wise? Facebook has 17 million monthly active users, compared to Instagram that has 5 million. So, that “target audience” everyone talks about? Yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re on Facebook.

Which is exactly why we cannot afford to be neglecting this platform.

Now more than ever? If you intend to stand out on social media, it is sooo important to educate yourself & up skill within the world of paid social media marketing.

It’s worth noting though, that I am NOT referring to “boosting content” – and while we’re here? I’d also like to mention that “boosting content” is a big waste of money/time. If you want to invest in paid advertising… let me introduce you to the world of Facebook Ads Manager; *trigger halo*.

Don’t lose me here. Facebook Ads manager *isn’t* as scary as you think!

If you have no clue where to start when I even mention Facebook Ads Manager or your looking for professional advice to optimise your campaign results? Our 1:1 Facebook Ads Training is for YOU!

Whats included?

  • A 60 - 90 minute session where I teach you [right from scratch] everything about paid social media ads (for Facebook and Instagram).

  • Creation of a campaign strategy for you to take away and begin constructing with my virtual guidance & support.

  • An entire recording of our session

  • A key note presentation for your reference when constructing and implementing your campaign.

$300.00 + GST