Facebook Ads Set Up & Management

  • Set up of 1-2 campaigns per month

  • Set up of multiple ads/ad sets

  • Placement Optimisation: Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network & Messenger.

  • Audience Profiling and Targeting

  • Creation of a Custom Audience and Lookalike Audiences

  • Funnel strategy: We’ll brainstorm fresh ideas based on your brand and audience to develop a scroll-stopping concept for your approval.

  • Ad creation: including videos, slideshows, images, etc.

  • Ad copywriting

  • Ongoing optimisation, i.e. editing and improving the foundation of the ad(s) based off our results. We’ll implement our tips & tricks to ensure your budget is seeing maximum return on investment.

  • Fortnightly results update via email including feedback on what worked, what didn’t and how we plan to continue optimising our results over the next fortnight. (You get to learn along the way!)

  • No lock in contracts. We’re confident that our results will speak for itself and you’ll want to stay with us long term.

Monthly fee: $990 (incl. GST).
Please note: Your advertising budget is not included in this fee.

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