Social Media Services


For business’ looking to up their social media game. You’ll have a team working behind the scenes to create your content, implement a fully customised social media strategy, develop customised campaigns, curate your content + so SO much more.


OK so you’ve got an Instagram / Facebook page. Great.
But do you have a clear strategy of how/why you’re using it? Didn’t think so - ha! This is where we come in. Our 1:1 strategy packages are fully customised comprehensive reports that are easy to follow and will beyond doubt carry you through the next 6 - 12 months of your digital marketing efforts + so SO much more.



Facebook is still the-single-most-powerful social media tool available to us. Now more than ever, if you intend to stand out on social media, it is SO important to educate yourself & up skill within the world of paid social media marketing. Whether you have no experience with FB ads, or you’re seeking professional and strategic training on how to optimise your campaigns - our 1:1 FB Ads Training is for you.